Sunday, 20 June 2010

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Festival headband

My friend Jess got this headband and I think she will look amazing in glasto with this round her pretty face. Primark have got some lovely floral shorts for £7 which both Jess and I have and these are also a summery must-wear!

Favourite time of day

Amsterdam Bridge

My lovely friends in Amsterdam for Claudia's birthday, it looks nice but it was freezing!

Hearts and Stripes

Love this outfit a lot.

Dior Ballons

Miss Dior, Vintage.

Cupcake Cookie

Me and my friend Jess saw the cutest cupcake cookies in House of Fraser and tried for ages to find a cookie cutter to make our own. We finally found one and spent a whole day making them, ours did not look as professional as this one, but we had fun. We also found a teapot shaped cutter, which meant we had afternoon-tea-cookies!

Gingerbread Bath

He might have quite soggy legs though.

Cupcake Pop

Found this bakery, with the cutest cupcakes on a stick. My favourites are the cupcake pops, which you can have delivered to your door! What a fabulous birthday surprise for a friend.